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Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do when it comes to refunds—they don't go through us, but through the platform used to make the purchase (Steam, PlayStation Store, etc.). To request a refund, you'll have to contact customer service for your purchasing platform. Check out the table below for a link to each platform's refund policy.


Refund policies may change without notice. Information provided at each link will be the most up to date.

Platform Refund Policy
Steam Within 14 days of purchase & played for less than 2 hours
Epic Games Within 14 days of purchase & played for less than 2 hours Within 30 days of purchase
PlayStation Within 14 days of purchase as long as you haven't started downloading or streaming the purchased content
Xbox All sales are final
Nintendo All sales are final
Apple Varies by country/region
Google Within 48 hours of purchase


If you've already reached out to your purchasing platform and still could use a hand, please /submit a ticket and we'll see what we can do.

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